Exceptional Living Personal Care Home is a residential care home conveniently located in the east Atlanta area city of Lithonia in Dekalb County Georgia. We serve residents who need care, monitoring, and oversight 24/7. We serve adults ages 18 years and older that are mobile and ambulatory who are aging and/or diagnosed with a disability regardless of race, religion, social status, gender, physical, and mental challenges.  Our facility will address the needs of residents by providing a facility setting, meals, and social activities in a non-medical and loving environment. We accomplish our goal by collaborating and partnering with family members, case managers, staff, and other professionals and supporters to help ensure residents are offered every opportunity to develop and have a fulfilled quality life.



We are committed to providing a meaningful life in the community for residents aging and/or with disabilities that require non-medical care. We accomplish this goal by addressing the needs of those served, and by enriching the lives of residents and their families with information, support, and care to enhance their vision of community involvement.  Our facility is a 24/7 residential care facility ran 365 days of the year.



Our mission is to support residents in exercising their freedom to make choices and preferences, and to give them quality safe care in a loving environment. 




                                     Provide quality coordinated services, support, and care

                                     Monitor needs and provide trained capable qualified providers and staff

                                     Acknowledge each person and treat him or her with honor and value

                                     Person - centered service, support, and delivery




We will deliver services in a clean, safe, and healthy environment and will assist each resident towards independence, self-esteem, and self-determination. Our personal care facility will provide a standard of consistent services for the comfort of the residents to ensure residents’ needs are met and reflects each resident’s vision, dreams, preferences, strength, perceptions, and abilities.




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